Privacy Statement

The RSM Gaming Survey is designed, published and managed by RSM Malta Limited. The purpose of the survey is to carry out research on the igaming industry in Malta. The survey focuses on mapping out different industry criteria, identify trends and market stakeholders’ expectations and perspectives. You are invited to participate in this survey precisely because you are an important igaming market stakeholder and your expectations and perspectives matter.


Privacy Commitment

RSM Malta is committed to protecting your privacy. In addition to its General Privacy Policy, in the management of this survey RSM Malta will also comply with this privacy statement which is specific to the RSM Gaming Survey.


Data Collection and Management

If you choose to participate in this survey, you will be asked for some personal information. In particular, your responses to survey questions may include contact details and other commercial details as well as details on how you are connected to this survey.

The survey is designed, published and managed by RSM Malta. The research is sponsored by the Malta Gaming Authority who however do not have any role in the collection or management of the responses received to the survey, nor does the Malta Gaming Authority have any access to the individual replies.

All data and information gathered from responses to the survey is collected and managed by RSM Malta or persons commissioned by RSM Malta to undertake the relative analysis of such data. Authorised persons are also bound by this Privacy Statement and obliged to respect the confidentiality of data gathered.


Purpose and Use of Data Collection

Through your participation in the survey, all the information that you provide will be treated as confidential and will only be used for research purposes. Your responses will not be identified as yours, but they will be aggregated and combined with the responses of other survey participants.

No information provided in response to the survey will be used for marketing or other non-research activities.


Sharing Information

Your responses will be analysed as part of the aggregated data collected. Any publication following the analysis of the collected data and any dissemination of outcomes from the aggregated data gathered will not reveal the identity of any specific respondent.

No individualised data will be shared with any unauthorised person. Authorised persons are those persons who are appointed or commissioned by RSM Malta to collect, manage and analyse the data gathered from responses to this survey. These include employees of RSM Malta as well as professionals engaged specifically for the purpose of analysing the data gathered from responses as well as professionals engaged in the design and shaping of the dissemination of the final outcomes of the research.

Your participation is voluntary and you are entitled to ask that part, or all, of the records of your participation in the survey be deleted or destroyed.